Create something today, even if it sucks


Momentum Dashboard is one of the best things that I have added to Chrome. 

It’s simple, beautiful and a visual treat. But it has this amazing component that provokes my thought process or throws me back in time. The title is the quote I read today. I’ll repeat it again just so that you can let it ruminate in the back of your mind as you read the following story.

Create something today, even if it sucks.

If you read my previous post, things that radically changed my thought process were my entrepreneurial pursuits.

I was always curious and introverted as a kid. Hence, I could never ask the right questions to satisfy my curiosity. I just made my own assumptions about the things I heard and applied it to everyday life. As I grew older, I began to find my voice amidst the masses and started to voice my questions. When I realized that nobody had an answer, I started to come up with the answers on my own. That is how I started to write.

Since I was shy as a kid, talking to the opposite gender was always a challenge. I had difficulty making small talk with my friends, and talking to someone who I thought was cute? Well that was a daunting task.  I would imagine scenarios in my head where I manged to impress someone I really liked and came up with a formula. In retrospect, that was pretty amateur but at time it felt important and I felt the need to share it.

So I penned down the formula that was sitting comfortably in some corner of my brain. I wrote the words till they made sense to me, I was young and hopped up on hormones and I wanted to show the world that my teen self had unlocked the key to impressing someone.

I titled the article – How to Impress a Girl in 90 Secs
Yes, not seconds but secs. You can read it here.

I reread the article about a month ago, and I was horrified. It sucked. It wasn’t even okay, it sucked. Sentence construction like an amateur, child-like emotions, a sense of overconfidence befitting a god-like complex and of course really really shoddy writing.

I was shocked that I thought this should be on display for the world to read and comment. I was surprised that people didn’t tear me a new one, maybe the internet was more optimistic and supportive back in those days. Or maybe we weren’t famous.

I remember getting cold feet and deciding not to share it, because somewhere in my heart, I knew it wasn’t great. However, in the end, my narcissism got the better of me and I managed to convince myself to publish it as a note on Facebook.

My friends read the article on Facebook and shared it with their friends, who in turn shared it with theirs. Until one fine day, someone reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to start a magazine with them.

So how does this story fit in with the title? Well that article is what led to us creating an online youth magazine called Scribido.

Scribido was my first entrepreneurial pursuit. It opened up the world to me, it exposed me to the internet like never before and I gulped it all in. I felt alive, like I had found my calling. I would’ve missed out on all of this, if I didn’t publish something that sucked.

I think there are moments where we feel the need and the desire to create something, but we don’t because we don’t believe we’re good enough. Well I like to think we’re right about that. We’re not good enough, our MVPs are going to suck, our first drafts will be laughable, and that sketch that we think is awesome, probably won’t be. But to quote my Chrome Browser

“Create something today, even if it sucks.”


Well, I am back.


Wow it feels weird to start writing again. It’s been ages, but I certainly missed it. So many things have happened in the last 5 years. But to give you the top 3 highlights –

  1. Entrepreneurial pursuits
  2. Found people to keep around
  3. Started living in Silicon Valley

Those things aren’t necessarily in the same order. But yes, things have changed.

I want to get back to writing more regularly. There are many things to write about and peculiar ideas I want to talk about. I will try my best to present these thoughts in the simplest way possible so we can engage in a discussion.

On the fictional side of things I want to finish two stories.

  1. Adniz Zinda – A story of a normal kid that waded through life – like the many people I grew up with and admire.
  2. The Plan – A script that I have been working on for a while, it borders on fictional suspense interspersed with city life and its many quirks and characters.

Another story that I want to finish is about my best friends or “bhaus (brothers)”. I don’t know what I will call it yet, but that story is special. It contains real life incidents that happened with us over the last 5 years. I will try my best not to incriminate anyone on this platform, but those are stories worth sharing.

And last but certainly not the least, I want to keep updating my travel blog. I know that sounds cliched and overdone with attached hashtags like #wanderlust #roam #globaltravel #backpacking  but I will try my best to stray away from the droves of blogs that exist out there on travelling.  I plan to talk about  my personal experience with the people, food and culture.

I know this sounds like a lot, it probably is. I will falter and may not be able to deliver but as of now i.e. 3/6/2018 21.25 I am really looking forward to it.

P.S. – I am going to redesign this blog to ensure that all the stories, travel blog, my journey and my thoughts are easily understood and open to feedback.

Side note – I changed the name from “weirdo sitting down” to “table babble” because at this point in my life, that’s where we share most ideas and thoughts.

Hey! I’m new here…


Okay so today is a good day, not for the fact that Anna Hazareji has pretty much screwed the government, but for the fact today I can proudly say that I won’t get lost in Mumbai. I remember my first days in this city, my senseless belief that buses will stop if I walk in front of them, Getting a rickshaw is easy even if you are not a chick wearing a skirt, stuff like that. But now due to the recent surge of students to Mumbai, I worry for the scrawny idiots. I worry about their first few months where they will probably get lost like Tarzan in Las Vegas (though I do think there are some similarities there).


Okay… This is hard.

I am an Indian. I am bold, and I am proud of everything that goes on around me (leaving the occasional bursts of corruption, honor killings, and Ramdev Baba in a dress) But I still am proud. So today I decided to do the unthinkable. Rap – (wait for it) – e -(still wait for it)- lling. Yes you heard me (or read me) RAPPELLING. Now most of you haven’t seen me, so you might think so what? its not that big of a deal… But for the other people (who know me, have seen me in shorts, without a T-Shirt) will probably die laughing. But yes guys today I tried the unthinkable. I tried adventure sports. Maybe this was because I saw Abhay Deol jump off a plane like it was as easy as trying to defame the government. So I thought, hell if that squeaky weirdo could do it why can’t I?

Now, jumping of plane requires skill (which I don’t have), A certain attitude (like I-am-ready-kill-myself), Good parachutes (which I don’t think the country has), Good Pilots (I still think they are on strike) anyways you get the picture. So I decided to try the next best thing, waterfall rappelling from a hair-raising height of 90 feet (yes you can laugh.) For most of you, who have no clue about waterfall rappelling… Lemme tell you what exactly happens.

The Looking Around Awkwardly Part. 

  1. Okay so I go up there. Through mud infested paths, and with weird trees trying to scratch my legs. And I look around. There were three people who looked like they were expecting a meal (I might look tasty, but wait till you see me without a T-Shirt).
  2. So I went up to them and I told them I was here for the rappelling thing. And without saying anything they just smiled a happydent smile and started grabbing me.
  3. Yes, they grabbed me and put a harness around me that went through all the parts that I normally wouldn’t want it to. And just to make me more awkward they double checked the harness and pulled on it firmly.

Then they asked me if I was ready to do the unthinkable.

The Spread Your Legs and Keep em Straight Part. 

  1.  So there I am with the harness touching me and I am standing on the edge of a waterfall. With a full view of the 90 feet hell I was going to descend through. There were already watchers who were half expecting me to fall just so that they could make their visit interesting.
  2. And the supervisor finally talked to me in bits of Hindi first, then summed it up in Marathi and when finally he found out that I was a Maharashtrian, he went on a full ramble about the dangers of rappelling in Marathi.
  3. And I shit you not… But he told me to spread my legs and to never bend them no matter what happens. And he was smiling while he said all this.

GO down you idiot! 

  1. Okay when I finally got tied to the rope he said to let myself down slowly. He also told me something else, but I I had no idea what he said because at that exact moment, I slipped.
  2. So there I am with the force of 100’s of liters of water on me, making out with a member of Bryophyta Phylum (okay moss) and my legs flailing as if they were enjoying it the rough way.
  3. Now at this time, I could hear him telling me something but trust me its extremely hard to hear yourself think let alone another man (if it was a woman I think my male brain would have heard it) when your brain is hammered with “Hell hath no fury, like flowing water” on your head (Yes, I tweaked it a bit)
  4. I finally figured out what he was telling me, but due to censorship issues (by me because I don’t post insults about myself) I think he said “GO down you idiot!”

So this was my rappelling experience. Full of kissing (the moss), scratching (the tree), the skin ruptures (the rocks on which I came skidding down), It was fun. But in the end all I said was OKAY… THIS IS HARD. 

OMFG… Like seriously?

As we all know most of us (by us I mean the young generation) have some weird concepts of celebrating the traditional ways of our society. By that I mean how we are completely oblivious to our traditions and would probably commit all of the the seven sins if given a chance to at any time of the day. Anyways back to my topic, I am talking about the way my sister (and probably like millions of girls) prepared for Raksha Bandhan. For example I never knew how popular a mehendiwala person could actually be… Or that apparently we have salesmen for Rakhi’s… I am of course talking about the day before… the 12th of August, 2011.

Rakhi shopping – A major tradition. 

Okay, so there I am. Being myself, a fat guy in checked shorts and a weird t-shirt and a messed up hairdo with an unshaved beard (you get the picture). So anyways, I am standing in this estrogen infested atmosphere (notice that I didn’t specify the gender partially because I couldn’t classify some people) and I am looking around. The females in my family were busy looking for Rakhis and they dragged me along under the pretense that I will “lose some weight” if take a walk with them. Yea right, they just needed someone to hold their bags. So I am looking around and I hear the most bizarre things. One woman is trying to decide between the color of the thread as the person who owns the shop tries to convince her to buy another one. I see a woman buying a rakhi that costs her like 150 bucks just because it has “ornamental hand-crafted designs” on it. And yes, the guy next to her pays. I mean I am all for loving your brother and all but if my sister ever bought me a rakhi that costs more than 50 bucks, I would probably sue her for pointless shopping. Anyways apparently the shops hire these real greasy haired people who are “experts” on Rakhis and they proudly explain the various intricacies  of making (and I shit you not) Rakhis and their significance according to stars. The best part of this was that I was sitting there (next to the tired grandmother, who did not acknowledge my presence by shouting on the top of her voice about the better colors of the threads.) Yes the major highlight of my 45 minute stay near that place (during which I had fazed out three times, and found various holes in the tiles below) was the fact that everybody was discussing the designs and the color with the utmost importance. If someone shot a video at that place, and muted the sound, that person could probably sell the video as “the indian woman on economic policies of their country”. And yes, it took my family 45 minutes to shop for two Rakhis.

The Lucky Mehendiwala: 

Ever wanted for women to go frantic over you. Ever wanted women to surround you and desperately wait for you to hold their hand? Become a MEHENDIWALA. I am serious. This guy at that place was surrounded by 20 chicks who wanted to draw mehendi on their hands. They were arguing over who should get their chance first with the mehendiwala and that guy was beaming a smile that even happydent’s smile people couldn’t top. I caught his eye and he gave me I-am-so-lucky-you-SOAB look and I sheepishly returned it. Not only do these guys earn big, but they face so many happy smiles from all the chicks that even the “the dude” of the college won’t get. Want to be surrounded by woman, become a mehendiwala. True story.

After watching all this and spending two hours on the 12th of August doing pointless counting of cars, tiles, holes in the wall, and getting to know apparently names of all the colors in three different languages. I must say “SHOOT-ME-NOW” 

Hello world!

Today is my first day on starting a new world blog. To make my self heard to self assumptive, and pompous people out there who think that this guy ain’t worth a buck. Ahh screw it… I can usually start with this emo-crap. To state the simple way, I am just here to put up what I think about my world. You know the little thing that revolves around me? (To put it in the oh-my-god-im-so-cool teenage perspective) Nah I just stepped out of my teenage life into a full blown adolescent way of life. Completely lost and thats the fun part. Finding myself. Lets hope I do myself justice. Signing out (Cause I am hungry and I can smell pasta)